There is no city in the whole of Europe where you will find so many cemeteries with such fascinating histories as in Vienna.

Vienna has always had a very special attitude towards death. So it is no coincidence that Vienna boasts the second largest cemetery in Europe, the Vienna Central Cemetery. Its “Graves of Honour” in particular attract a never-ending stream of visitors. Famous names from European cultural history lie peacefully at rest here. Composers such as Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Strauß and Franz Schubert, actors like Hans Moser, Paul Hörbiger or Curd Jürgens as well as idols like Falco have found their last resting places here.

Other cemeteries that offer a unique experience include the last surviving Biedermeier Cemetery of “St. Marx” where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is laid to rest and the Cemetery of the Nameless where the unidentified victims drowned in the Danube floods are buried.

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau

Vienna took a significant step into modernity with the epoch of the Art Nouveau style.

Stories from the Wienerwald

Stories from the Wienerwald

We explore the outskirts of Vienna on a number of different tours, which can be arranged individually to include the things that interest you most.

Vienna, the Mecca of Medicine

Vienna, the Mecca of Medicine

A lot of scary and fascinating items from the history of medicine await you on a visit of discovery through the Old General Hospital.

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