Explore the turbulent history of the Viennese Jewish community from the middle ages through to the present day.

The Jewish community in Vienna was one of the largest and most important ones in Europe, famous for its intellectuals but also for its complete and utter dependence on the ruling classes. During our tour of Jewish Vienna we follow in their traces, learn more about the most famous members of their community: Gustav Mahler, Arthur Schnitzler, Sigmund Freud and Theodor Herzl, but also find out why the first Christmas tree ever recorded in writing stood in a Jewish house and which famous car make is named after the daughter of a Viennese rabbi.

We offer a contemplative walk along the “Stones of Remembrance”, a reminder of the fate of the 65,000 Viennese Jews who were deported and murdered in concentration camps after the National Socialists seized power. But they also tell the story of Jewish life and Jewish culture and lead us past the most important establishments of the once large Jewish community and the synagogue.

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau

Vienna took a significant step into modernity with the epoch of the Art Nouveau style.

Stories from the Wienerwald

Stories from the Wienerwald

We explore the outskirts of Vienna on a number of different tours, which can be arranged individually to include the things that interest you most.

Vienna, the Mecca of Medicine

Vienna, the Mecca of Medicine

A lot of scary and fascinating items from the history of medicine await you on a visit of discovery through the Old General Hospital.

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