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We offer trips and guided tours on a multitude of topics and of varying length:
From city walks (max. 2 hours), to city tours (from 2-3 hours) and right on through to day trips and excursions lasting several days we accompany you through Vienna and Austria.

Just let us know what you would like to do and what you are interested in and we will put together an individual offer for you. Please send requests to

We can also accommodate any special form of transport that you would like for your tour. You can book walking tours, tours by bicycle, fiaker (horse-drawn carriages), minivan, bus, tours with a limousine or the oldtimer tram.

Emperors, kings and their city of residence

Vienna – the capital of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation:
such an illustrious title required an appropriate setting.

From the middle ages to the “Stones of Remembrance”

Explore the turbulent history of the Viennese Jewish community from its heyday in the middle ages through to the present day.

Art Nouveau

Vienna took a significant step into modernity with the epoch of the Art Nouveau style.

The Secret Capital of the Baroque Style

There is hardly any city in central Europe that is still so sustainably characterised by magnificent Baroque buildings as is the case with Vienna.

Vienna’s greatest composers still live on to the present day

We come across the most famous Viennese composers at numerous memorials and, of course, in concert and opera houses as well.

Much Maligned but Loved Today

Discover Vienna’s Ringstraße and visit the historical buildings that characterise it.

Contemporary architecture, international architects

Modern Vienna can be explored by going on a sightseeing tour or just as easily by taking a walk through the city.

Stories from the Wienerwald

We explore the outskirts of Vienna on a number of different tours, which can be arranged individually to include the things that interest you most.

Hidden treasures in the old town

The historic centre of Vienna is crammed full of small secret gems.
We guide you to these hidden nooks and crannies.

Tombs, Crypts and the Central Cemetery

There is no city in the whole of Europe where you will find so many cemeteries with such fascinating histories as in Vienna.

The Art Nouveau Psychiatric Clinic

Medical history, art nouveau highlights and the wonders of nature all rub shoulders am Steinhof.

A Treasure Trove for Lovers of Art

Vienna’s museums are among the best museums in the world and have a few surprises in store, even for people in the know.

Vienna, the Mecca of Medicine

A lot of scary and fascinating items from the history of medicine await you on a visit of discovery through the Old General Hospital.

Hundertwasser in Vienna

Follow in the footsteps of this great artist between exhibitions and Viennese social housing.

Viennese delicacies, coffee houses and “Heuriger” (wine tavern)

“A home away from home”: in the Viennese coffee house or Heuriger.

Along the Danube, monasteries and landscapes

There are also a lot of interesting and beautiful places to see outside of Vienna. We would be glad to arrange day trips through Austria for you.

We offer trips and guided tours on a multitude of topics and of varying length.
Please get in touch with us for your personal Vienna itinerary.

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