Medical history, art nouveau highlights and the wonders of nature all rub shoulders am Steinhof.

At the time of its inauguration in the year 1907 the then Lower Austrian State Asylum was the largest and most modern asylum in Europe. The institution was more like a “city within a city” with its own complete infrastructure and housed around 5,000 people: patients, doctors, medical and administration staff. The “white” city as it was called was divided into different sections: the mental asylum, the mental care facility and a sanatorium for paying private patients. Otto Wagner, chief urban planner in Vienna in 1900, was responsible for drawing up the plans for the whole asylum complex and its church “St. Leopold am Steinhof”, which is located on the highest point of the hill. Although extremely controversial at the time, the Church am Steinhof today ranks as the most important of all religious Art Nouveau buildings. With the support of the most renowned artists of his time including Koloman Moser, Otto Wagner created a complex work of art right down to the finest detail.

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau

Vienna took a significant step into modernity with the epoch of the Art Nouveau style.

Stories from the Wienerwald

Stories from the Wienerwald

We explore the outskirts of Vienna on a number of different tours, which can be arranged individually to include the things that interest you most.

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Vienna, the Mecca of Medicine

Vienna, the Mecca of Medicine

A lot of scary and fascinating items from the history of medicine await you on a visit of discovery through the Old General Hospital.

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